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The prints are based in the spirit of sketches inquiring orientation



(L) exquisit collection limited to 100 pieces

 A4 with external signature pencil by the hand of the artist.                                            100.-frs


(M) normal collection

A4 with internal signature by the hand of the artist ( before printing).                             10.-frs


(S) cards with reversal ( to ad greetings)

A6 with internal signature.                        10.-frs


Monthly card (with reversal).

A6, mininum 10 pieces.                               4.-frs



The size of the drawing is alwis  the same ( A6)

The sheets are different ( L, M, S, card)


but the categories are either

freesketches ( esqampes)

rehaussed sketches (genesqampes)

sketches on subject (croquesqampes)

sketches as shems (shemesqampes)

sketches as projects (projesqampes)

sketches as ouline (ébaudhesqames)


All these categories are  denusqampes ( this means in french :

prints on sketches in numerical drawing.


we distinguish this category from the 

everage  numerical art printings which are

a part of numerical printing (visual arts).


The distinction is about the difference of

visual arts and plastic arts in which the status of sketching is particulary and central, mooving the indivual, personal, singular body of the artist.

This site concerns special art prints you can buy on line

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